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Pond Crest Studio

  Russ's motorcycle vacation story with photos, 2005   Enjoy The Ride Safely !
  -    including the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway. -    "Gene & Russ's Big Motorcycle Adventure"

  Visit A Culinary Delight -   "INDEX to Russ's Favorite Mediterranean Recipes"

PONDCREST STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY -  An area dedicated to photographic imagery, both film and digital based.  
  ALSO ---  
 PONDCREST STUDIO ~ THE EVOLUTION  - images of the Pond Crest Studio over time   and
 PONDCREST STUDIO ~ THE CUPOLA - images of the construction of the PONDCREST STUDIO CUPOLA

 For Film Buffs:
 Russ's Favorite:   "Comedy Flicks"    and    "Sci-Fi Flicks"   also  "Movie Musicals"  
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