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  View the evolution of Pond Crest Studio circa 1990 - 2008
        Showing the Evolution of Pond Crest Studio with -
The Cupola!   ~  
     In architecture, a cupola: a small structure on top of a building, which may be used to provide
     a lookout or to admit light and air; it usually sits atop a larger roof or dome.

   Images of the construction of the Pond Crest Studio CUPOLA  
   - you may Click on Thumbnails to see larger image , or simply scroll down ---
(Not shown is the prior cutting and fitting of the louvers and corner upright supports)

Four corner braces and louvers are glued and clamped together  

Cross clamps keep the main section square while drying  

Completed main center section with clamps and braces removed  

The cupola base assembled and stained  

The base with the top mounting flange attached  

The cupola base, cupola main center section, and ceiling floor with roof supports  

Cupola with the roof deck installed  

Cupola with the roof deck and weathervane mast installed  

A bird and bug anti-invasion screen has been installed inside  

A pure copper roof deck cover is fitted and installed over the roof deck  

An original custom made weathervane has been attached to the mast to complete the project.  
- any guesses what this weathervane depicts?  

Pond Crest Studio with a fully functioning Cupola installed!  
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