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  View the evolution of Pond Crest Studio circa 1990 - 2008
   A Gallery of photos over the years, showing the Evolution of Pond Crest Studio.

In this first image,  the classic "shed" style roof
from the original 1950's construction can be seen  

Followed by the start of the makeover

First, the new roof starts with a Ridge Board  

From the inside looking up  

The Back Side  

Roof rafters are attached to the Ridge Board  

All Roof Supports are in place  

Deck and Shingles are added, also the Facia Board is in place  
(red cedar trees in back have been removed)  

Side view showing Offset Pitch  

Some Trim and Siding have been added  

A Side View  

Corner Detail with a view of the open Soffet  

More Trim and Paint added, Soffets completed  

The Back Side is almost complete  

Early Winter Time - with most mods finished  

Spring time, with an outside light and a window shelf installed  
From the original '50's structure,  PONDCREST STUDIO is born.

It is Summer,  and the lighted cupola has been installed!
See construction of the CUPOLA <  

Evening Quiet Time
Thank You For Visiting.

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